Property Staging

Staging your home in preperation for the photography.

To make sure your home has the broadest possible appeal to potential buyers, these suggestions have been compiled to enhance and prepare your home for photography.


  1. Move vehicles from the driveway
  2. Keep front of house clear
  3. Remove bins from sight
  4. Remove hoses and garden tools
  5. All lawns to be cut and tidy
  6. Garden furniture cleaned and arranged correctly

Entrance Hall

  1. Remove any boots, shoes etc
  2. Remove any jackets, coats and hats from coat racks
  3. Ensure hall tables and cabinet tops are tidy
  4. Hall carpets, flooring vacuumed and clean

Reception Rooms

  1. Ensure wooden flooring and carpets are vacuumed and clean
  2. Settees or chairs and their cushions neat and tidy
  3. Side or coffee tables clean and tidy
  4. Side lights or lamps have bulbs in and working
  5. Conceal any cables, plug extensions and TV remote controls
  6. Open drapes and blinds


  1. Open drapes and blinds
  2. Make beds thoroughly 
  3. Remove or conceal anything under beds
  4. Remove anything on top of wardrobes
  5. Children toys out of sight or in storage bins
  6. Dressing gowns, robes, clothing removed from back of door


  1. Toilet lid to be left down
  2. Clear counter top, shelves
  3. Remove cleaning products, cleaning brushes and bins
  4. Pull back shower curtains and drape inside bath
  5. All towels and bath mats removed from sight
  6. Dressing gowns, robes, clothing removed from back of door


  1. Clear all worktops
  2. Put away all cups, mugs, dishes and cutlery
  3. Remove all towels, dish cloths and oven gloves
  4. Remove all cleaning products including brushes, mops etc
  5. Remove all dish racks, basins and washing up liquid
  6. Clean floors and remove iron boards and waste bins

Whether you’re looking for commercial, architectural or property photography we can provide everything you need and usually within a 24 hour turnaround. We listen carefully to what your expectations are and we deliver our very best.

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